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Potentially killed GPU

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I have an Asus gtx 1070ti.

Perfectly working for a lot of time.

Got my card out of the case to install it in a vertical mount

Card was out and the video cables hanging there

I noticed that when I touched that outer metal thing from the hdmi or dp and the back side of my case I'm getting shocked 

They were pretty strong ones. 4-5 times to make sure that wasn't a coincidence. Then changed the connection to another power extension cord that was plugged in another power outlet (only changed 1 out 2 monitors and main pc power) and the shocking was gone for both cables that were plugged in different monitors


Now that everything seems normal I tried to see if things are still good after this anomaly. Yea my gpu isn't being detected in all pcie slots, nice what can I say


I mean I was aware of static and turned off the pc and put my psu on 0, but plugged

2 or 3 days ago I have redone pc cable management and the high voltage extension cable management 

It might be cause of an cheap ac adapter

That I plugged also recently 2-3 days ago also in that extension cord


Yea kinda think I have a dead card that only spins fans like usually did and sparkling the same good old rgb, but it still syncs with asus aura


Idk help if you can pls

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