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5700XT no post on Gigabyte x470 UG, works in second PC, r9 380x works on the x470

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi. Booting the system today - black screen (no post) - clear cmos - no post & GPU LED red & GPU fail beep codes. Other GPU in, boots fine (both an HD 7770 and the R9 380X). The Pulse 5700xt in a different PC - the PC boots fine.

Memory reseat did not help. Replacing PSU did not help, clear cmos did not help, second GPU bios did not help. Also, the RX 5700XT isn't detected as a second card when I put it in the second slot and the R9 or hd7770 in the first slot.


Any ideas you'd recommend trying?


Sapphire Pulse 5700XT from November 2019.

Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Gaming x470 from December 2018.

Other parts are also ranging from a few months to a year an a half.

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I had a problem with my 5700 XT but it was a RAM issue.  You said you re-seated the RAM but I had to do it several times until it posted.  If you've tried all configurations then its probably not that.


I did get black screens with the new card but I changed the windows setting to High Power mode and its not happened since. I don't know if that's your problem tho.  Good luck   

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