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Ryzen Master & Fan Tuning for 3700X

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys, I'm using a 3700X with Wraith Prism cooler. I use it for regular gaming & movie encoding. This is my first build by myself after 8 years. I clearly don't have any idea about CPU Power & Overclocking. 

So when I play games my CPU doesn't go above 77C after hours of gaming (Max settings ofc). But when I encode something on Handbrake using the highest quality the temperature gets between 80-83C @100% usage all cores.
So what I want is , is there any way to decrease the temp & increase performance a bit? I tried to mess with the fan curve in BIOS but I couldn't save it (i'm using an MSI X570 motherboard). 

Also can you check if my CPU power consumption & stuffs are okay or not in the screenshots? Are they over powered or any issue i mean...


Screenshot (228).png

Screenshot (229).png

Screenshot (230).png

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Everything looks good to me. I believe the cut of point for PBO on Ryzen 3000 is only at 85C anyways so unless you want to do a manual overclock, which I really wouldn't recommend on Zen 2, reducing your temps won't help performance.

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