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Complex bat code? Help?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi so I want to try to make 2 batch files to help me in my mod project for Dragon's Dogma...


The first bat file needs to look into a root folder for any files of specific types and copy them to a separate folder outside that root, (Resource folder) It needs to force overwrite since the game uses a TON of duplicate textures with the same file names.

It then needs to delete any files that are not the ones I had it copied over.

Finally it needs to delete any folders in these files that may be empty.


2nd bat file needs to read the file names in these folders and find the same file names from the (Resource folder) these are edited textures / etc.

It then needs to copy from the (Resource folder) to the specific folders those files are in without copying over any extra files and forcing the pop up to overwrite.



This game sucks to mod and has hundreds of packed game data files called .arcs Some of which lead off into folder after folder to dig through (extreme cases a single .arc can have 300 folders)

This is making this project take way longer than it should.




My question, Is this possible, How, and where can I start to figure this out? I've no experience with code or cmd really outside of a few basic things, I'm a texture artist not a programmer.

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I am not really "good" with bat either, however I guess if possible it is not really convenient to do it in bat. I would recommend to use another scripting language for this. Maybe vbs (visual basic script) or ps (powershell) since this is natively supported by windows. Or for the best support/community/tutorials maybe do it in python, which however requires an extra program (python interpreter) to be installed.

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