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Looking to upgrade to a rtx 2060 but not sure about my psu

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I have a ryzen 3 3200g, gtx 1080 3gb, 16gb 3600mhz from Corsair, asrock b450m pro4 mini atx motherboard, and a Corsair 450 watt bronze psu. I am currently it the upgrading stage and have just upgraded my ram and bought an aio. I want to upgrade my graphics card next. I understand the bottlenecking of the 3200g on a rtx 2060 but am more interested in the straight upgrade now. Later I am planning to upgrade my cpu. I would like to know if 450 watts is enough for a rtx 2060.

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As for now, it should be fine.

If you upgrade your CPU down the line, this psu have to go.


So buying both now, or buying both later, your pick.

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First, why "upgrade" GTX1080 to RTX2060 ? It's slower. Sure, 3GB VRAM are a bit low for today but i wouldn't call that an upgrade exactly. Second, there's several Bronze certified Corsair 450W PSUs, which one ? But 450W are enough technically if this PC would be used only for gaming (i.e not for rendering or mining and such).

Tag or quote me so i see your reply

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