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Hello Everyone, 


Had an idea , but not sure if it make sense , so looking from advice .. 


Planing on rebuilding on my current computer to something more current .. My idea was to get a directed 1tb M2 drive for games , but with the size of games now a ways i have a feeling i am going to fill it pretty quick ... 


So had a thought of getting a normal 2tb hard drive , and then getting a 500gb M2 drive to use as cache , but not sure if that makes sense to do or if its even worth it .. 


So looking for advice , please let me know .. and thanks for the help .. 

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Ok so really how many games do you plan to have on the go at once ? if not 20+ ill go for the m.2 drive. More than possible look into the price of a 2tb ssd ? Secondly i personally have set a 3 x 2tb drives in raid 0 with a 1tb ssd as a cache and it works great for me. So if you go down the option with a 500gb m.2 drive and a 2tb hdd it should also do you well.

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