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irql_not_less_or_equal bsod

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, im having trouble playing games, im having blue screens with code irql not less or equal.  One of my ram sticks was faulty, so i removed it and it should be okay, well its not. I attached an dmp file copied into a .txt


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Posted · Original PosterOP

forgot the specs:
mobo: a320m-dgs

ram: Corsair venegance (8 out of 16gb) 3200mhz
processor: ryzen 5 2600
graphics: gtx 1660 ti

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I've had this issue with my computer as well. It's a different CPU (Ryzen 3 3200G), but it might be worth a try. I've had random BSODs like system service exception, page fault in non paged area, irql not less than or equal. you name it. All diagnostics showed no result. Temps were ok, etc. 

For me what actually solved the problem was forcing dedicated GPU only on the BIOS.  I guess Windows was trying to delegate 2D/background tasks, whatever, to the iGPU/CPU and f*n it up.  After forcing it off on the BIOS, I never got any BSODs anymore. Not sure if you have the option in your BIOS with this CPU, as you technically dont have an iGPU, but might be worth a shot.

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