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2 system build with Phanteks Revolt X peripherlas power issue

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Posted · Original PosterOP


right now I am planning to build up a new 2 system build based on your awesome Enthoo 719 case.

I also want to use the Phantels Revolt X PSU.



Check the picture for my planned build.



System 1 will be used for gaming:

X570+AIO+2080TI, 3x ssd

System2 will be used as fileserver:

B450i, LSI Megraid SAS Controller card, 8x 12TB SATA exos hdd




Up to now I am facing the following questions and I did not find a answer. So I hope you can help me.


As far as I know, the SATA and PCIE lanes will be switched on either system 1 or 2 will be powered on? Is that right?

When I only switch on the gaming system, will all HDDs in system 2 be powered on? I don’t want this, that’s why I want 2 systems.

Same problem with the AIO of System 1, if I switch on only system 2, the pump of system 1 will be running full rpm.



I hope you can understand my problem, do you have any idea how to fix this problems?



Thanks Mortimaus


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Well AIO's typically rely on motherboards to supply power to them, not the PSU, unless you are using a sata connection to power it then it will also be running.


However, the hard drives? Run into a similar problem. The power supply looks to NOT separate the peripherals based on which system that it is hooked up to. Best bet is to use two separate power supplies. Nice idea, but I don't see how else this will work unless you have a custom circuit using logic gates.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

ok so the AIO problem seems to be solved.

But...a second psu will not fit into that case, loosing space for my hdd drives.

So if i switch the gaming system to sytem2, and the storage system to system 1, is there a chance to power the hdds by system1 CPU2 8-pin with some adaptercables?





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