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Question about front radiator placement

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello guys, I just want to say thank you so much for anyone who helps me out as my brain is going through a cluster f**k.

Okay, so I have put my Radiator fan in the front of my case as I don't have Top mounting sadly...

My question is, if you look at the photos my radiator has the fans facing on the outside of the case, the air flow is pushing on the outside of the case (There is usually a shield in front of the case).

I know I'm pretty braindead and this is probably an easy question but are the cpu fans suppose to be blowing into the radiator? I thought I had the placement right but maybe not...



If you need any clarification as I didn't explain that too well, I would be happy to respond.

Thank you!

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Given that the picture with your fans is dark, I can't say for certain; however, I have my fair share of Corsair fans (I have a custom loop with their Hydro X series.)  If their ship logo is facing the outside of the case, then they are blowing air into the radiator the way they look mounted to it.  On all of the separate Corsair fans that I have bought, if you look on the outside housing of the fans, on one side there will be an arrow that will show you the direction of airflow.  That should help you visualize things better.


Here is a sample pic from an unused fan.




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@TysFitzz based on your picture, the fans are blowing air into the case. That would be the way you would want that setup for cooling the cpu. If the cpu is stressed, it might make the gpu a few degrees warmer when playing but not a drastic increase. 

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Looks good to me, that is how my system is set up except my radiator fans are in pull configuration (on the back of the radiator inside the case) so the dust builds up on the front of the rad where it's easy to clean. I have a 240MM rad in the front pulling air from outside the case and blowing into the case.


My CPU and GPU are both cooled by that radiator, so my logic is that the radiator getting the coolest air possible so it cools off the water as well as possible is more important than keeping the temp in the case low since both major heat sources (CPU and GPU) are being cooled by the water rather than the air in the case, therefore lower water temp is more important than lower air temp in the case. Hope that makes sense

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