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Wraith Prism so tight my PC won't work with 2 sticks of RAM

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So after troubleshooting my PC for two days. I finally figured out that the reason my PC wouldn't run with 2 sticks of RAM (would with one) is because the Wraith Prism RGB cooler is on too tight. There's a latch that fully clips it in place and keeps it secure which is nice, however it turns out my PC won't run with it in the latched position. Im worried if I don't have it latched, if it being a tiny bit loose could have cooling issues. It's still hooked on both sides as a fan would normally but with a very slight wiggle. 


I have a be quiet! Shadow Rock LP 130W from my old processor, if anything I think I could just switch to that.

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I would like to know whats your motherboard. This sounds more issue on motherboards build quality than Wraith Prisms mounting pressure. So as Shadow Rock will use its own mounting setup, it might work. But if the motherboard has bad quality with CPU socket, and/or RAM slots, this issue could repeat.

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