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Old LTT song

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I remembered the old song the other day and I've been trying to look it up. I think it was the outro song from years ago, with satellites and vocals talking about tech stuff. Anyone remember the name?

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I don't recall this ever being an outro song, but Virtual Is Where We Live by Approaching Nirvana feat. TryHardNinja was featured in one or two of their videos back in the kitchen set era:

Their outro song for as long as I've been watching has been Sugar High, also by Approaching Nirvana:


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1 hour ago, colonel_mortis said:

Sounds like you might be thinking of



^^^^ That's my post ^^^^
<-- This is me --- That's your scrollbar -->
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2 hours ago, LogicalDrm said:


It means you enjoy it.  “Good” is one of those multi function words that has a bunch of meanings.  It’s even got two antonyms: “bad”and “evil”.

Life is like a bowl of chocolates: there are all these little crinkly paper cups everywhere.

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