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Can OBS or similar apps feed into Skype or another video chat app as a video source/webcam?

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I am a teacher who has been teaching online because schools are closed. I’ve been using a mix of Skype, zoom, FaceTime for classes and tutoring. I have a Logitech camera for video, and a zoom h2n studio usb mic for audio, everything works fine. But I also want to introduce audio from apps into the mix as well. Like a game streamer would on twitch with OBS: game audio, voice audio, and camera visuals.

When I was messing with the new Logitech Capture software ( which is really bad btw), I noticed you could have multi cam scenes like in OBS, and then that would feed into the app of your choice like Skype for instance, I could choose “Logitech capture” as a webcam source. Obviously for what I want to do its a clunky app and very limiting.

Can OBS or any other app handle video, and multiple audio sources and output them as one source but most importantly be seen as a “camera source” in video programs like Logitech capture can? (Or Many cam, another app that lets you have multiple cameras be seen as one “camera” in Skype and other streaming apps)

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