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Pi hole on Raspberry Pi zero

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello! So I got a Pi hole setup on a Raspberry Pi zero and here is how it looks right now.(image below). So my question is is that setup good? I don't have any heatsinks on it and I don't plan to buy some anytime soon(maybe in the future but not the near future). So without heatsinks should I leave like this without any cover for better cooling(and is it good for it to be left like that) or should I put it in a cardboard case that is sealed up?Or should I put it in a cardboard case but with holes for cooling or the entire top cut off for cooling? What do you think? I also don't know if dust is a problem for it so that's why I am asking as well.





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Trust me, a pi zero does not require a heat sink...I have 3 pi 0's, one being used for a retro gaming system, and 2 sitting in waterproof cases running outdoor surveillance cameras. I have yet to see the CPU exceed 55C even during the hot summer months...the single core CPU just doesn't produce enough heat to need cooling.


I would, however buy a case for protection...ebay has TONS of different ones that are well under $10. I bought a really simple one that is just plexiglass on the top and bottom of the board and it screws together.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ok thanks! I might buy one or DIY one out of cardboard or clear plastic myself.

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