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So, I am considering swapping my pre-built xps 8930 special edition tower into a new case, and I failed to find what size case I would need for this swap (atx, itx, etc.) I would also be looking into swapping out the power supply but I have no clue on what cables are required to buy to swap it out, sata, etc. or if they come provided.


I would also like to expand storage in it eventually.


It is running an i7 9700

RTX 2060

24gb DDR4 2666 ram

1 m.2 ssd

1 Sata hard drive


Thank you!

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Looking at Dell's product page it says it has 4 PCIe slots, that would make it a full ATX board, or larger. Going off the limited pictures available I will go out on a limb and say it is ATX.

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Guess you won't be having an I/O shield then. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

No I wouldn't have an IO shield, and I don't really see what it does if you could enlighten me that would be great


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1 hour ago, Luckyprock said:

No I wouldn't have an IO shield, and I don't really see what it does if you could enlighten me that would be great


It’s just for aesthetics nothing else so don’t worry too much about it. If you expanding the storage and assuming you gonna use ssd or hdd you’ll need sata cable, just the one to connect to the mobo. To power it up you gonna have all cables included with psu

   @Whiro tag or quote will do the trick 
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