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does the hd600 have the same cable as hd660s or hd650????

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Just now, bestghost_potato said:

@Den-Fi ok so i should just use the cable from the 600 instead of ordering this 1


Yeah. If you did order one, I would get it from Periapt. https://periaptcables.com/

That cable you linked is balanced 4 pin XLR. You have that connection on your amp?

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If the cable is the same on both ends, it should work properly (though lots of headphone makers make the attachments proprietary on the end, so be careful when inserting it in case it doesn't properly fit).


Sennheiser has manuals which specify which cable it uses depending on the model, then you can find a generic cable on Amazon or Ali to replace it.


Does your existing setup use that 4-pin XLR head to plug in? That design is typically for studio headphone amplifiers, but if that's what your amp uses, the cable looks fine :)

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3 minutes ago, bestghost_potato said:

@patchboy yes i use a amp, and thanks for the help. Thanks!!!!

For sure! I don't know if you're into soldering, but you could also see if it's cheaper to get the materials and build them yourself. That's how we do CAT6/XLR runs in the studio, saves us a ton of money!

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7 minutes ago, bestghost_potato said:

@Den-Fi do they ship to canada


I don't believe so.

I asked a few Canadians in my audio server and they said https://www.takefiveaudio.com/  has pretty decently priced cables.

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On 4/1/2020 at 4:24 PM, bestghost_potato said:

I broke my hd660s cable and was wondering if my hd600 cable will fit since they sadly broke when i was moving so im wondering if the cable connecter is the same (the part that connects to the headphones). Will this cable work from amazon?https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0788982JM/ref=ox_sc_act_image_3?smid=AJ2PJNO98VCDO&psc=1



I'd avoid that cable, the cord is not very good. Sound wise it's totally fine. I personally like braided cables, like the ones that come with the current Audezes.

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21 hours ago, bestghost_potato said:

Aside from the 4 pins on the xlr connector not being gold plated, I can't find any fault really. The reviews are pretty good and it looks like a very solid product, with a good price. Take the plunge.

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