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Thomas Nordli-Henriksen

What can I do to make my PC handle COD: Warzone?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I've started to play a lot of the new Call of Duty: Warzone, but my PC can't handle it. The problem is VERY low FPS, and sometimes the game just closes. So my question is: What can I do to make my PC handle games better without buying new components?


My PCs main specs:

  • Intel Core i7-6700 Skylake Processor
  • Kingston Value DDR4 2133MHz 8GB
  • MSI GeForce GTX 960 2 GB
  • Seagate Desktop 1 TB 3,5" SSHD


I will appreciate if you have any advice for me. :)

Min PC specs.PNG

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You'll almost certainly need a GPU with more VRAM... and more RAM in general.

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Ram is low, HDD is slow so that when trying to access textures etc that show up during online play that aren't cached in the ram (also tied to network latency) it has to find, open up space on the ram, and replace that texture with the new texture.  Coupled with 2gb of VRAM you are choking the system for a game like that.


If it were me I would first focus on another 8gb of RAM, and getting an SSD for my games (and OS, personally).  Then see just how bad your GPU is bottlenecked before replacing.

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Ram will help, but not as much as a gpu upgrade, as mentioned. Focus on that, 8GB of ram will be sufficient enough for what you want

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You'd want something like the 1660 Super, and a 6 core CPU. For 1080p I'm getting 60 FPS on medium settings with an i5 4460 and 1660, but to max it out you should have better

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If all u want to do is play cod i would just buy a 970 on ebay/craigslist. I play with a 970 and worse cpu. Also u need one more ram stick as other said for dual channel and ull be good. I get well over 80fps. Setting are kinda low but still looks good. Dont spend more than like 100-150 on 970 tho

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