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Something odd is going on with my Xbox controller

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP



Lately I've noticed that when I play my pc games with controller the home button no longer brings up the windows game menu. Also my controller now randomly shuts off when I play any game even though I am directly beside my pc using Bluetooth and my controller is fully charged to 100%. I am using those rechargable packs you get from microsoft and it worked good but I think now after mistakingly putting it in the wrong way once and then putting it in correctly somehow messed it up somehow I don't know I'm looking at it and there's no dents, no cracks, not a thing identifying it broken and yet I'm having all these issues I've had this controller for half a year and it's already falling apart wtf microsoft. What can be done?


This here \/ \/ \/ \/ is the exact battery pack I bought.




Update: Problem has been resolved just needed to restart my pc and let the controller turn itself off not sure why this is but it worked.



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I solved the issue
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