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Auto-Format Rules System Suggestion

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Hi LinusTechTips community,



I would like to suggest having certain format rules such as the current rule to include 2 blank lines of spacing (to encourage social distancing) be automatically applied. I sometimes create a post forgetting the rule and then have to go back and edit it to include the additional blank lines, and have noticed that a lot of users aren't including the spacing on their posts. Automatic formatting would ensure that posts comply with rules of format for posts and would make it a lot easier not to have to manually insert the spacings. Could also be used to remove shortened links and other things on posts automatically. Please let me know if there are any plans to implement this feature or something similar in the future.



Thank you for your time and consideration,





Hope this information post was helpful  ?,


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That would be far more effort than just banning everyone for not complying with the social distancing rules.



HTTP/2 203

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