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What is the best way to recolour these parts?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm putting together an all white themed build and need to paint / wrap a few parts to go along with the theme. I have zero experience with painting PC parts (but I have lots of experience with spray painting glass). I am located in Vienna, Austria so ordering from Amazon USA is not possible; several north-american brands aren't even available here. I can only order from Amazon DE or some local shop if I know what to look for.


I need to recolour the following parts:

  1. The Cooler Master Vertical GPU Riser
  2. The front plate of the Heatkiller GPU block
  3. The black parts (not the transparent reservoir itself) of the Heatkiller Tube 150 D5 (I am getting the aluminium struts so I won't have to paint those)
  4. The frames of the Corsair ML120 Pro RGB Fans (I won't disassemble the fans - I will mask the blades completely and only spray the frame; I read someone here dismantled them and then the fans didn't work anymore)
  5. HW Labs GTS 360 (the white ones aren't available unfortunately, so I'll have to paint the black ones)

I did a quick search on Amazon DE and found a few white cans, but I wanted to check with more knowledgeable people before I bought anything. Would any of these work?

Primer: Edding, Sprayson, Deco Colour

Paint: Edding, Dupli-Colour, Deco Colour, Montana, Belton, Spray.Bike


I know there are some sort of plastics that can't be painted for some reason - I guess the only way to recolour these would be to wrap them in Vinyl? Are there any types of Vinyl that are commonly used for PC parts? I only know of 3M. 


Thanks :)

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6 hours ago, AkshayRao27 said:




I have guide here that goes over most of the basics of painting, as for what to choose automotive or artists spray paints like Dupicolor or Montanans are well regarded. Main thing is preoprly prepping the parts for paint, by lightly scuffing them with scotchbrite and ideally applying a light primer especially so for plastics if you want good adhesion. 





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