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3700x x570 random reboot, bootloop after windows dots spin, bios works fine.

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Posted · Original PosterOP



Sys spec: 3700x aorus elite x570 8x2 ballistix red 3200 crucial m4 thermaltake 530 smart se

So last night my PC randomly rebooted when I was afk, came back to Veracrypt password prompt. Password goes through every time it starts to load Windows, few dots start to spin, freeze, and self restart. This happens with any os I tried to boot, Windows freezes (it went through repair one time but froze during) tried Ubuntu livecd I get a lot of "bug: soft lockup" folllowed by info that cpu has been stuck for 23 seconds. The only thing that booted was memtest from ubuntu live cd, ran it for an hour, passed. Before all this system was stable for half a year. Bios works normally. Things I tried: swapped psu to other system, works fine. swapped ram sticks, tried one, tried every slot cleared cmos (pins and out of power + battery out) tried to boot with no usb slots filled took gpu out checked all the cables

At this point I've narrowed it down to CPU and MOBO, not sure which it might be. Maybe you guys have some ideas? Thanks for any input.



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Hmmm, it does seem like you've done all the trouble shooting I'd suggest to you.  


Once it errors, is there an error code on your mobo you can reference?  At this point I'm pulling at straws, mainly hoping to get your post a little more attention.  


Good luck!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thank you pstarlord. I managed to make it work, I disabled 2 cores running 3+3 and everything works, does that confirm it's cpu not motherboard?

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