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Gpu upgrade from hd 7970 for 3d work

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Posted · Original PosterOP



I've saved about 1000€ on buying a laptop yesterday and now I have all this money that I saved up to spend on a new laptop left over. So before I put it back in my savings account I though might as well finally get a better gpu.


My main issue is that during gpu rendering the hd 7970 is heavily vram bottlenecked. Small renders are still faster on the gpu compared to my cpu but bigger ones just start to take forever.


I used blender and 3ds max mainly (sometimes solidworks and UE4 for realtime walkthroughs which it does struggle with sometimes).


I now have a budget of 1000€ technically but I would not like to spend it all unless the gpu in question offers a significant benefit over a lower priced one.


Current specs:

ryzen 2700x

16gb ram

rmx 650w gold

Hd 7970 3gb


What I'm currently looking at is a vega 56 for 230€ but it's a blower model so that's unfortunate.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
12 minutes ago, 5x5 said:

Look at a 5700 XT or 2070 Super

The cheapest rx 5700 xt is 437 and it's the xfx thicc II. The cheapest rtx 2070 is 448 and a blower card. For both to get a better cooler one is almost 100 more is that worth it?

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I have a HD 7970 sitting in a closet,and from my tests - my overclocked 1660 is 2 times more powerful than the HD 7970,

So you don't have to spend much to get a more powerful GPU with double the VRAM,

If you just want more VRAM then the 1660 Super or the RTX 2060 are great choices.

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