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Asrock z77 pro3 Or Extreme4?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

It's relatively easy to find both online and my gaming-ish setup has a z77 pro3 anyway. Which one is better?

The z series are good for OC but the pro3 seems a bit cheaper.


My setup is an i5 3470 on an asrcok z77 pro3 (OC'd to 4.1GHZ)

And a Gtx 970 DirectCU II


Barracuda 7200.12 1tb HDD

custom PCU


Anyway I could Upgrade it for cheap aswell?

I was thinking of getting a new mobo, gpu and psu to upgrade a hp pro 3500.

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Why do you want a new motherboard? Your current one is just fine. Upgrading the board of the hp isn't gonna do you anything in terms of performance.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

No I was thinking of Upgrading an old hp pro 3500 I have. I was thinking of upgrading the mobo gpu and PSU (Currently got the Hp one, ATI Firepro 3500 and a hp 300W PSU)


Any suggestions. I was hoping to upgrade the gpu to a gtx 900+ (950,60,70 etc) or a gtx 1080.

I have an Idea for a PSU  And it would need about 400-500W

And as for the mobo, I just want one which supports decent OCing Like my z77 pro3 and has more ram capacity and atleast 2 pciex16 slots.


Any Advice?

Oh! and i know this seems Outlandish but I think I can make the upgrade cost less than £150

(using websites like webuy.com, ebuyer, ebay and amazon)

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