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Question about HDMI Refresh Rates - VW246H

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I currently have an old ASUS VW246H monitor that I use for gaming. My plan was to finally upgrade early this year to a 144hz or 240hz monitor but unfortunately the virus has made getting the one I want impossible for the time being due to supply chain issues.


As such, I have overclocked my monitor to get as much performance out of it as I can. The issue I have is that this monitor is so old that it only has DVI and HDMI inputs. I have had trouble finding information on what version of the HDMI standard this monitor has.


What kind of refresh rates can I conceivably push through the monitor and actually see? I have been able to get my monitor to 73hz without issue; however, I don't know if there is any point in doing so since I may not be able to see the difference due to HDMI limits.

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