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Fortified Ookami

Odd Issue with LG 34GK950F-B

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Sorry if this is not the best forum for this post, wasn't sure if it would be better in the section for monitors or not.


Today is the second time I have run into an odd graphical issue regarding my LG 34GK950F-B ((34" 1440p 144hz Free-Sync 2)) monitor. Both times, I have witnessed it after leaving my computer idle for some time and returning to it. The screen will take on a greenish-purplish tint, with two dashed pink lines running down the center. Certain GUI elements will also become kind of pixellated in some cases (witnessed this on my login screen, didn't think to grab a pic).


Both times it has happened, it seems that a power cycle of the monitor (via unplugging and replugging the power cable) fixes the issue - hence I don't believe it to be an issue related to my PC, but to the monitor itself (and/or power supply).


It has been a few months since the first time it happened, and I contacted LG about it at that time but have yet to hear back. What do you guys think? Does it sound like something weird going on in the monitor, or should I maybe replace the power supply?




[edited for spacing and adjective]

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