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Is Dying light similar to lfd2?

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its nothing like lfd2. its a totally different game. Guns/noise attract powerful zombies. So there is a lot of melee, jumping, and hiding. It is coop but it's also great in single player. Last time I played it there wasnt anyone else online, which would explain why its 70% off.

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oh and it doesnt have the coop element of lfd2 where you have to share things and save each other from smokers/jockeys etc. But if you do find another player at a higher level they will share powerful weapons with you.

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43 minutes ago, RapidTurtle said:

I like lfd2. is this similar to that, its 70 percent on off.

Or should i  wait for dying light 2

In Dying Light there is an actual, full story-campaign to play through and the story can be played through together with a buddy. There's crafting of weapons and equipment, all sorts of missions and so on. It's not really anything comparable to LFD2. That said, Dying Light is definitely a good game and really worth the money.

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11 hours ago, RapidTurtle said:

I like lfd2. is this similar to that, its 70 percent on off. Or should i wait for dying light 2

A few things that are certain about Dying Light...

  • It's always on sale for around 65-70% off. All the time.
  • There's no rush in obtaining it for 65-70% off.
  • I think @foldingNoob, @Likwid and @WereCatf answered your 1st question really well.
  • To answer your second question, no, you should not wait for Dying Light 2 vs obtaining Dying Light before hand.
  • Dying Light is worth around $20-$25 imo. Probably more than that if you have a friend to play coop with. Again, @foldingNoob and @WereCatf explain the coop aspect really well.
  • Your best bet to obtain the game might be GameBillet. As it has hit $8-$10 twice in the past few months there. The last week of January and the third week of March(you just missed it). That would mean to look for it to hit a similar price on GameBillet in May. This doesn't rule out April though.
  • GreenManGaming and Fanatical would be your next best bet. As it hits $11-$12 at these places every single month. It has not hit $11-$12 at either in March, so if my calculations are correct, it should hit $11-$12 at either in the month of April.
  • And lastly, imo, if you were to combine Dead Rising, Dead Island, Condemned, Mirror's Edge and 7 Days To Die, you get something along the lines of Dying Light. This is what gives it the $20-$25 value imo. So buying it for half that, is worth it if you like those games. If you like all these games, it's beyond worth it.
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