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Does anyone know if this will work?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently decided to try gaming in VR so I bought an HTC Vive (standard edition, not pro or cosmos or anything too fancy) to use on my Alienware13 laptop + graphics amplifier and the problem I ran into is that when I try to play a game on steam VR a message pops up and says Headset plugged into wrong video card (I have it plugged into the graphics card in the amplifier) for some reason steam vr or the vive system or both wont recognize the external graphics card on certain games (tilt brush on the other hand works like a charm but it's the only VR game that works) , I've surfed the net and the only suggestions I found were either disable the integrated graphics card (which didn't help) or go the NVIDIA control panel and set global setting to high performance NVIDIA processor or set the VR games in program settings to high performance NVIDIA processor neither of which worked so I racked my brain and the only solution I could come up with is this: My external graphics card( which is a GTX 1080 founders edition) has three display ports and only one HDMI port so I thought I should get a DP to HDMI cable and plug that into an external monitor then plug the VIVE into the HDMI port that way both the VIVE and the external monitor are running off the same GPU, Does anyone know if this will work? Does anyone have another solution?

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just a shot in the dark here maybe straight up uninstall the driver for intel graphics and the onboard gpu???

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Good suggestion unfortunately that didn't work either, it's weird I thought that once the graphics amp is connected to the laptop that would automatically make the external graphics card the primary video card for the laptop monitor but for some strange reason that isn't the case I certainly hope that connecting an external monitor to the external graphics card with a dp to hdmi cable and plugging the vive into the hdmi port on the external graphics card (so that both the vive and the monitor are running off the same video card) will solve this issue, anyways thanks for the suggestion.

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