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Laptop Not outputting 144fps

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Posted · Original PosterOP

   I recently just bought a 144hz 24 inch monitor because I wanted to play games with a bigger screen.It supports 144hz@DP and 120hz@HDMI&DVI.

My laptop is Msi GL65 9sdk with 1660ti and a 15.6 inch 120hz screen. It has a HDMI and mini DP output. Currently using the mini DP to DP cable to connector to my monitor. With output to the external screen only(so the screen only my laptop is turned off)


  So the problem is that I could not get a 144 fps with the monitor while using browsers. I first found out when I was watching Netflix ,Youtube and basically videos. They felt super laggy especially when there are the object in the videos are moving.Scrolling in the browsers are also not smooth (smooth scrolling is enabled in  the setting).


  And I used this https://www.vsynctester.com/ to check and I could only get 80,90 fps tops while it did indicate that my monitor is 144hz. Ive tried mozilla fox,chrome and edge and its all the same.Im not sure if this happens on other applications (probaly couldnt notice it)but I did try to watch videos with windows video player and it did feels laggy like I mentioned. However when duplicate the second screen or extend to the second screen, I could get 120fps on both screen(smooth browsing and all) but thats just my laptop screen refresh rate and i wanna go at least 144fps with the laptop screen of


  But when I play Rainbow six siege I could get 144fps (in the game) and above with no problems at all. In the setting in the game, it was set to 1080p 144hz. I also tried watching youtube with the games still playing and still getting laggy 80,90fps in browsers.


  Ive checked and updated all drivers in the device manager under display adapters and monitors. All the advance display settings in Windows and Nvidia control panel are set to 144hz and the GPU running browsers are set to 1660ti gpu. Thats all I know and tried. Really don't know where the problems are. Be glad if someone has any solution to fix my problem. thanks.




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