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What are the names of all LMG Servers?

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In all of the Linus Tech Tips server videos I've seen/heard that all the servers have their own name. I'd quite like to know the names of them all so if you could all help me and tell me the names as I think they sound very cool. I've honestly forgot them all, the only ones I can remember are The Vault, Whonnock and New Whonnock.



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Why do you care? Personally haven't named a PC since about 2004....


"Vault" is a common one for people to use for storage servers. Whonnock is just the name of a national reserve or something near where Linus is from. 

If you want to name your machines, you should create your own names.


Some people use place names (Kansas, Manhattan, Yellowstone,etc..) , some use famous peoples names (Torvalds, Feynman, Hawkings, etc...), 

I used to use famous electronic festival names for mine. Gatecrasher, Sensation, Godskitchen, Slinky, etc...


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I know in one of my old jobs we used to give network devices such as printers and some of the servers names that were recognizable for the users if they were having issues. 

The helpdesk named all the printers with fun names. We had a colour printer that consumed toner like crazy it was called Sauron. We had some new at the time Dell Printers that were different than our normal off-white HP printers, they had black plastic, so we named them after things that were black (Vader, Onyx, Carbon). The server folks named the server racks after spices... Some of the Unix boxes had Greek god names. It was a fun. Being military IT now, naming standards are very strict and tied to function and such.


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Many years ago in the first company I worked in IT for, the Netware servers were named after Beer and the Microsoft servers after Spirits, obviously the Unix team had to go one better and named their servers from Star Trek.

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