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How can I be as anonymous online as possible while not taking away all my applcations

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Please read this all before you comment. I am just in the first stages of my thinking so I'm not sure what is best right now and I'm pretty nooby in this department. I want to be as anonymous as I can online but at the same time I am not doing anything bad so I don't need like the TailsOS level. The reason I say that is I looked into tails and it seems to like make it like a new PC every time you log back in. I want to be able to use apps like Discord and Telegram and that seems to not really allow that. Like I said I'm not doing anything where I'm trying to hide from the government I just want to be as safe/anonymous as I can online where to it would be harder for any "hacker" to target me or say like some "troll" online who is trying to find out who you are.


I have a new Laptop coming so I thought this is a good time to try. Do you think that just pretty much making all new stuff (Email, Discord, Forum accounts etc..) always having a VPN with a killswitch so I never go on my real IP. Make it so the PC will start with everything disconnected then i can start up the VPN, connect etc... and just be safe. Never log into real account. Or will that not really do much for being anonymous? I hear that TOR is for being anonymous and a VPN is for privacy. (Maybe you know of some windows apps that are good for anonymity)


I saw on post as a reply to a question on reddit saying that Qubes + Whonix is better than tailsOS if you want to use applications. I have no idea about qubes or whonix but is that a better option? Would that allow me to still beable to use like telegram and discord?


If anyone has some input please let me know. Im not big on the security side of things especially on the Linux part

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Separate business and pleasure? Use one set of accounts for social and another for stuff like banking etc?

If you're interested in a product please download and read the manual first.

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The best you can do against targeted attacks is to just use a VPN and not relinquishing any real personal details online


If you want to also protect against account theft and hijacking, you are going to have make serious adjustments to your online habits and there is no way around this.

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