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PC no video or peripheral output...

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I was overclocking my Ryzen 7 2700x and made it crash. I restarted and was going to go into to BIOS to reset the voltage (which I guess was too low). However my monitor wasn't showing a display and my mouse/keyboard won't lighting up.... Fans are turning, RGB on, and generally seems like nothing ever happened.I have no idea what happened.  When I put my HHD (USB C) and it starts turning... Also tried putting my keyboard in the front USB A port which didn't work


I reset my CMOS and it still does the same thing... Thanks in advance for the help



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Posted · Original PosterOP

What does that even mean??? I have also realized that plugging my HDD with usb a also turns it on but not for my keyboard/mouse...

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"Cooking your cpu" refers to when a cpu was damaged by overclocking, usually, in in your case probably, resulting in the complete and total loss of the CPU. You cannot repair a CPU, but the good news is that if you didn't *extremely* overclock the cpu, since amd endorses overclocking then you may be able to get a replacement, depending on how long ago you bought the processor.

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