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Hello, I was wondering if someone might know whats going on with my motherboard and how to fix it. I got a Gigabyte  GA-H87N-WiFi (rev. 1.1) used on craigslist for cheep because it had a few bent pins. I was able  to bend the pins back using a dental pick under a magnifying glass. However it is not posting and when I turn it on and the cpu and chassis fans turn on and off together every few seconds. I have tried a known good stick of ram in each dimm slot and am using a known good cpu, psu, and monitor. with nothing else plugged in.


I knew I might be eating the cost when I bought it but thought I would check here before throwing it out. One of the pins was bent under another pin and I suspect it might be the problem as it is still slightly twisted so the pad on the cpu would only make contact with the edge of the pin instead of the full surface of the pin head.


Thanks in advance :)

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I'd try to see if you can manage to bend the pins back, as you have nothing to lose. All of the pins need to make good contact with all of the pins, and contact with the assigned pin. If you had 2 pins that were crossed, it would still probably kill it.

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