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William M

Old rig hold up to abuse(from setting @home)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This more to start discussion about this more then anything.  I couple computers that I can use(12). One the oldest computer that I run is Intel 5820k /w  Gigabyte 1080 extreme gpu. Extreme stand for factory overclock and water cooled. Then of course I took that overclock bit higher. I also overclock the cpu 4.4 ghz all core. That overclock runs 24/7. I did original have it at 4.5ghz. However that overclock was not meant to just leave cpu at 100% load all the time. So I backed up 4.4 GHz as at that speed I can back voltage to slight about stock. That machine has not had single problem with blue screen or  very high temps. The cpu temp is current running 63 C all full load.  The cooler I am using corsair h90(I have push /pull on rad). The gpu is running at 68c. What I am impressed with this computer is that I have done nothing to cooling system since it was built. Other then clean out dust.

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5 minutes ago, William M said:

has not had single problem

Every machine on earth hasnt had a problem, until it has one


My current rig has been running for 11 years but that doesnt make my chocies in setup infallible, just means it hasnt broken yet.


Always consider your machine to have some sort of weak point somewhere. Itll keep you on your toes if longevity and reliability is the goal.

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