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Having issues with my new ROG x570 Strix E, can someone help me

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Recently got myself a 3900x and strix e x570. However I have been getting a couple of issues.


1) When updating to BIOS 1407 I lost the ErP function. When downgrading the BIOS to 1405 I have the function again. Will ASUS solve this? Do more people have this issue


2) My Ducky One 2 Mecha LEDS just keep shining. I already disabled the USB power settings and also disabled ErP, yet they keep shining. My phone doesn't charge when my pc is off, but my ducky does. I performed an CMOS reset and other usb. I'm lost.


3) When I have CSM disabled, I get no splash screen or be able to get into the BIOS when I use a monitor with Display Port. If I use my monitor with HDMI it works. Why? 

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