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So I installed speedfan (4.52) while I was folding to see if I could ramp up my cpu  fans a bit, and it ended up not detecting them. But it did detect my gpu (rx580 strix) so I was like fine, I guess I'll see what I can do with those. changed them to a static percentage (automatic seemes to do nothing). But then I had my fun and wanted to revert to my old settings determined by the radeon software. I uninstalled speedfan figuring that that would be it. But my fans kept spinning at the speed that speedfan was set to before. I mader sure it was uninstalled an saw that it was indeed and the process was also missing from task manager. So I restarted my computer, hoping to give back control to the radeon software. That also did nothing to remedy the situation. So I downloaded speedfan again, to make sure that it was controlling the fans. It was. Then I used ccleaner to uninstall it, which didn't help. I tried every combination of settings inside the radeon software, none of which did anything. Then I headed over to the bios, which was useless. And now here I am. Having exhausted every option I could think of, I turn to you: HOW THE ACTUALL HELL DO I GET RID OF THE GHOST OF SPEEDFAN?

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Reinstall Radeon software and GPU drivers. The control is with software that was last installed.


Also, Speedfan does not support most of the newer mobos. There are two alternatives, one paid, one free. Third point being that if your CPU fans are already running at full speed, there's no need to control them.

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