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Possible to sync ARGB fans from different brands?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Basically I have a build in mind where my case(Cooler Master TD500 Mesh) comes with 3 ARGB intake fans in the front, but I am planning on buying 4 corsair ARGB fans for exhaust. So,I was wondering if there was a way for me to sync all of these fans since I dont want to end up with negative pressure in the case. I'd like to have the 3 intake fans running at max RPM underload while my 4 exhaust fans run at slower RPMs I dont care about RGB sync that much but it would be a plus to be able to sync Colors with RPMs on a single software. Any ideas on how to do this? 

My build for reference


(I am aware the case is not available as of right now but this build is planned for a few months out)

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Posted (edited)

If you connect all fans directly to mobo or fan control hub (Corsair Commander Pro for example), then you are using one thing to control them all. Whether it was motherboards own thing or using 3rd party software.


Adding that fans being ARGB doesn't decide if the fan speed is controllable or not. If fans have two connectors, one for RGB and other for PWM is the key. If fan has only one connector, then it uses propitiatory controlling scheme.

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

@LogicalDrm thank you so much. I will keep that in mind and double check the fans for this second connector. (edit)Oh also, I only added that they were ARGB because I heard of the connectors being different between ARGB and RGB

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