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monitor Issue *Plz Send Help*

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Posted · Original PosterOP

context: ive got a triple monitor setup consisting of 3 different displays, ive never had driver issues.

i am using a radeon rx560 4g


I decided to switch out one of my monitors to a different one and now, the following happens:


1. i turn my desktop on.

2. the new monitor *Only* displays the windows logo

3. the new monitor goes to sleep and the other 2 monitors function normally.


I cannot find the new monitor in device manager, i have tried updating the driver via the AMD Radeon software and using safe mode to uninstall the driver and reinstall it.


the Monitor serial is: 220BW8EB/75


any suggestions would be appreciated.

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well, can you lower the resolution, and render one in question with an igpu? see if the problem monitor is faulty.

main rig: 8086k @ 4.00ghz-4.3 boost, 750 watt psu gold, axle p106-100 6gbz Z390 taichi ultimate, 2x8gb corsair vengence lpx @3000mhz speed, focus G black, ubuntu 16.04 os. mugen 5 rev b, 860 evo 1tb



8gb ram celeron laptop

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