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Hi, This may sound a bit weird and semi-bizarre but i'm hoping to start a process of VHS to DVD for my families VHS tapes. at the moment i have the Converter on the way already but i'm hoping to do a Super VHS Cassette player for the playback and was wondering, to those who may specialize in that here, if it's possible to play back VHS Tapes on a S-VHS player i know you can't do it the other way around due to the higher quality but i just want to make sure before i go and get something i won't need. 

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You can play regular VHS tapes on an S-VHS player and a D-VHS/D-Theater player. Some VHS machines can play back S-VHS machines if they happen to support Super Quasi Playback. 

If you're worried about VHS quality on any player, look for a VHS player with 4 tape heads (they'll almost always advertise it on the front) or look for an S-VHS player that happens to have a time base corrector and/or its own image processing system. Yes, an S-VHS player would be better at playing back regular VHS tapes, but not massively so unless you find one with the aforementioned features.

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