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CDKeys site, is it trustworthy ?

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8 minutes ago, tophercrunch said:

Wanted to know peoples thoughts on CDKeys and if they are a trustworthy site to purchase games ?

Yes they are. Have been buying games there for years and never had a single problem. Just be careful when buying so that you'll buy the game for the correct platform (which sort of applies to every similar online store). I mean, you can't make a mistake of buying Origin game on Steam, but you can make that mistake on these stores, especially if you want game key for a specific platform. That's all.

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If the site is listed here https://isthereanydeal.com/ then its better. I won't take a side of saying if there aren't some worse stores like GMG listed there (they had bit of controversy in past).


Most sites selling cheap keys are marketplaces. You can check this by reading into their ToS. Or just by checking how long consumer support period you have. These marketplaces offer 24-72h support and if you want more, you have to pay for it. In stores that are operated in EU, for example, you must give customers 14-day support period as minimum. But since those sites are marketplace style and only offer platform, they don't need to take as much responsibility of goods themselves. Just making sure the platform does what its made to do.

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To expand on this, many sites like G2A, Kinguin etc. have sellers that get their keys through illegal means. Therefore, there is a possibility that the keys your purchase on sites like these may be revoked.


Some reads:

The truth behind those mysteriously cheap gray market game codes - Polygon


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