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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have ASUS ROG GL522VW laptop 

CPU : 6700HQ

GPU : 960M 

I recently used liquid metal but before my CPU temp was reaching instant 90°C and starts throttling while gaming and GPU at 80°C because at 80°C it throttle and temp don't go more than that

now i have used liquid metal and CPU + undervolt of -0.120V temp still go same 90°C but take a while like 20 min or so 90°C if i play too long keep shifting between 80-90°C depend on different games and if i want low temps like 70-80°C while gaming i need to slow down CPU speed by disabling it's bost, when it don't bost up to 3.10GHz while gaming stuck at 2.50GHz speed,,, and low temps i was expecting it will not exceed 70-80 while gaming at full 3.10GHz but any help 

and Laptop has only one heatsink 😥😢 so i should expect this performance or it should be better anything that can help me low the max temp or anyone has same laptop and has used liquid metal can share his results with me thanks 

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