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Black screen, GPU fans 100%

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a RTX 2080 Super (https://www.gigabyte.com/si/Graphics-Card/GV-N208SWF3OC-8GD#kf) it is a little over a month old now and suddenly i have been having problems with it. When playing more demanding games (Deus ex mankding divided, Just cause 4, even outwards...) after a few minutes of playing (5-10) all monitors go black and GPU fans speed up to 100%. Then i have to do a force restart PC (holding the power button). Sometimes i get a blue screen with error message "video_dxgkrnl_fatal_error". GPU on 100% utilization ran at about 75°C, i also have a big case with a lot of ventilation so i don't think that would be a problem. I also played Control and skyrim before Deus Ex and had no issues with those 2 games, also playing Legue of Legends and have no problem as well.

I have tried the following things:

-Using DDU to uninstall driver and reinstalling it. I tried new nvidia drivers as well as 3 months old ones.

- Turn off any kind of OC

- Resetting motherboard BIOS

- Reinstalling windows 10

- Increase Virtual Memory

- Upgrade my PSU to 850W

- Re plug and change all the cables in my PC

- Changing thermal paste

- Played games that uses Vulkan instead of DX12 and found out that the crash does not happen. I played Read Dead Redeamtion 2 for about 45 minutes all settings cranked to max and there was no crash.

- I also ran some benchmarks (OCCT, MSI kombustor) with GPU and VRAM stress test. Runned for about 30 mins and there was no crash.

- Tried installing an old version of DX and it didn't help

- Reduced the power limit of GPU to 80% and after that i don't get any crashes.


My specifications:

- i5 8600K

- AIO liquid cooler

- Asus prime Z370 A

- 16GB gSkill tridentZ

- 250GB nvme ssd


- Evga 850W PSU

- RTX 2080 Super

- Windows 10 version 1903, build 18363.720



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3 hours ago, Cdzan said:


Looks like you've done quite a bit of troubleshooting already. Sounds like a faulty GPU to me based on all the things you've ruled out.


I would RMA it if you still have that option.

Be sure to QUOTE or TAG me in your reply so I see it!


GAMING RIG -----> i7 4790k - GTX 1080 - MSI Z97 Gaming 5 - Fractal Design Define S - LOTS of Noctua cooling

FOLDING RIG ----> i7 2700K - GTX 1070 - GTX 1660 Ti - ASUS something or another motherboard - Antec 900

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I'm going round the threads associated with this to give the information that I've been collecting over the last 3 weeks whilst experiencing the same exact problem.

I started with an EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition which then artifacted (faulty GDDR6 Ram Modules from Micron), and then replaced with the exact same card, except this time it failed with a black screen and 100% fan usage.

Thinking its the GPU again, I got a replacement RTX 2080 Ti except this time it was the MSI RTX 2080 Ti Ventus GP OC (factory overclocked version of the gp basically).

Immediately presented with the same problem.

Sometimes I can't even post, sometimes I can get to login screen on windows and it then crashes the second I try to type my pin in, sometimes It loads but with windows default drivers then crashes when NVIDIA's drivers are loaded, and finally sometimes it crashes when loading up ANY game.

The common problem here is NOT the graphics card in my case.


I traced the cables to the PSU and noticed the 8 pin connector wasn't fully snapped into the Corsair 550W Bronze semi modular PSU.

After pushing this all the way in, it clicked and everything went back to normal and started working.

A few things to note here - the machine was a prebuilt but was brand new, as well as all the GPU's used.

Whenever the GPU ramped up in power usage, it cut off and got a black screen, with 100% fan usage that can't be fixed unless you 

IF this is not your problem, and you have even tried swapping out your PSU then your GPU is actually to blame here.

As others have posted, either get a new GPU which comes repasted, or repaste the GPU yourself.

For me, multiple GPUs did not fix this problem.

Good luck all!

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