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hmmmm, rlua is the hardest to learn.

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Fastest way to learn rlua (roblox lua). Is it live coding classes online, yt vids, rblx wiki, or discord servers that feature rlua support?

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I found their documentation & learn lessons pretty good.

If I was serious about learning it, I'd follow their guide. They show you how to make a racecar & track which I thought was interesting.


learn lua with this guide too:


Lua's official documentation is also good for learning Lua. You have to like reading. I find loud rock music helps me concentrate. Less lyrics the better like Doom's soundtrack. It's over an hour long.


edit edit:
The link I gave you seems to assume some existing programming knowledge.

I recommend Codecademy.com to learn Java. It's pretty good & SHOULD be free still. Just to get the basics of how to program. Most languages are similar in many respects. (IE what is a variable, a data type, a loop, a function/method.)

PS: Get rich quick schemes are better if you get a day job. I think Linus & luke did a how to get a gaming PC without a job or something where they do yard work & stuff. May be difficult now with corona, but when there's a will, there's a way.

LTT Fan Fiction:


PC game list: 


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