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Why some games are released in console first and later in pc?

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2 minutes ago, RapidTurtle said:

Are console makers  paying game devs for selling consoles?

Yes, it's all about money

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5 minutes ago, RapidTurtle said:

Are console makers  paying game devs for selling consoles?

It's because console players are PC's beta testers



Some are.

But mostly it's about them getting extra time to work on the PC release, because console development is prioritized. That's because it typically seems to make more money (in the short term)

I apologize for the way I am. If my post seemed rude, that was not my intention. Just my ineptness in forming a nice coherent message.

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8 minutes ago, RapidTurtle said:

Are console makers  paying game devs for selling consoles?

Yes. It's quite the amount of money. I believe I heard that Microsoft paid Square Enix like 50 miliion US dollars! for them to release Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusively for the Xbox. Could be true could be not but I believe it tbh. 

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10 minutes ago, RapidTurtle said:

Are console makers  paying game devs for selling consoles?

Yes, but also sometimes they want people to buy it right away and then re-buy the superior pc version later like Rockstar has been doing.

...is there a question here? 🤔

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-Apple iPad Pro - [5/10]


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The Developers get a bonus if they release it on a specific system first.

They do that in order to drive up sales for their consoles and hope that many buy the game twice

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Consoles have a fixed configuration, there's just one video card, one processor, all consoles have same amount of ram, same hard drive or ssd, there's minimal program running in background to steal resources from the game.


The game maker can design the game with fewer quality settings and fewer options because it knows the level of performance of the components in the console , so it's less work ... they can also optimize everything so that the game runs well


The console makers subsidize the game studio, basically they give them advance payments and often they pay for exclusivity (for ever or for a limited time). This brings gamers to the console and Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo etc can make more money through selling other games or selling services (game passes, movies etc)

Once the developers get the game out on console and they get more money from the first few months of sale (as the piracy is less on consoles) they can spend time making or tweaking quality settings to get the game running well on a variety of processors and video cards and maybe make the game even better looking on high end video cards.


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2 hours ago, RapidTurtle said:

Are console makers  paying game devs for selling consoles?

Several consoles have been sold at a loss. Games are how they turn a profit. But aside from that, up until the last generation, porting games to or from PC wasn't a simple matter. I mean it still takes work, but now everything except the Switch is using x86 architecture, and that makes things easier.

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