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Should I Block Remote Fonts in UBO for a faster web?

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9 minutes ago, idh1oi12jkl31jk2bgve3jk12b said:

Curious about this. 

I block anything and everything that doesn't hopelessly turn the website into an unreadable mess.

Not only for page loading speed, but also for privacy purposes.

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Can't say it's exactly recommended..

Just an example of this forum when you block https://fonts.google.com/ :


(added red lines to affected areas).


You could block it and unblock it on a case to case basis, but as @Kopaka says, many websites will not look 'as they should'.

Although blocking fonts on websites with extra hideous fonts is not a bad idea.


I think the main reason you would block external fonts would be privacy, rather than speed.

I apologize for the way I am. If my post seemed rude, that was not my intention. Just my ineptness in forming a nice coherent message.

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You can block remote font's so long as you have a system copy of the font, otherwise it will just default to whatever your browser is set to.


Some common google fonts.

(Arch Linux) ttf-google-fonts-typewolf or (Windows) ttf-google-fonts-typewolf

The full google collection https://fonts.google.com/


And it Looks like the Forums use material-design-icons-font


If something doesn't look right, look at the CSS for a element on a web page using your browsers inspector(Firefox) to find the font you need.

Though if your hoping to speed up your browser, this is something that probably wont be really noticeable.

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