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LTX 2020 Presented by Intel Tickets are LIVE!!

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VIP sold out before my page even said they were live :(. Oh well I guess I shouldn't be too sad since I got to go last year.

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Me too.  First it had that I could only follow it.  Then I refreshed the page, it had the tickets showing and VIP was already sold out.


@CPotter I think VIP should be done like a lottery.  Every purchaser gets asked if they want a chance at VIP and they pay a bit extra for it.  Then 20 random purchasers are chosen for it.  If one can't make it, another purchaser is randomly selected.

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Presented by freaking Intel? That's amazing. If you told Linus 4 years ago that he'd have a convention, named after him, that would be involved with Intel, he'd fire you.


Wish I could be there :(

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