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10gbe NAS to workstation only?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey folks,


Last time I studied networking, gigabit was still pretty new! :D


quick question. I have just built an unraid based nas setup and I'd like to use it as the actual work storage for my workstation (VFX stuff, fairly large sequential reads and writes).


10GbE would be fantastic, but I don't have the budget to rebuild my entire home network. 


I have a gigabit router upstairs connected to several devices, then a cat5e cable through to the basement connected to a switch, then two workstations and the NAS connected to the switch. Is it possible to replace the switch and all the downstream devices with 10GbE parts but leave the router? I realize this falls squarely in the stupid question bin, but.. please :D I'm old!


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If you're on a budget assuming UnRAID doesn't mind you can create a Peer-to-Peer connection with two 10Gbit NICs directly between the workstation and the server. This is your cheapest option. It would make it so you don't have to re-do much of your network infrastructure. At least not until such time that it's affordable for you.

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Yes ofc that's possible. You basically only need a switch with 3x 10gbit ports, like the Netgear X508M (I think it's called) and then connect one of the ports to the router. 

That way your 3 PCs/Server are all connected with 10gbit and whatever is connected to your router still accesses the server with 1gbit. 

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I have an unRAID server with a mellanox dual port nic and 2 pc's connected peer to peer no problems and gbit network as well but go on the forum over there mine are mellanox connectx-2 so I can confirm they are good but I'm not sure about later models

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Awesome, thanks everyone! This gave me just the right amount of stuff to google ;) I think the peer to peer approach will be perfect for now even without the switch as at most, I'll have two computers feeding off the server. And realistically only the workstation will benefit from 10GbE, the render node can take it's sweet time. 

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