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Need advise for first network switch

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey I need advise 

my pc has a 10gb Ethernet port and my nas has 2 1gb ports and does link aggregation 


I’m wondering which switch I should use for my home office and gaming setup 

I’ve looked into the Netgear nighthawk switches 


I don’t think I need a 10gb switch since only my pc has a port and I am the only really using it other than my girlfriend who’s only using Internet



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If you just get some stupid 8-port switch from Netgear (like the really boring ones in metal enclosures), you'll do just fine. Most switches from recognizable brands have enough switching capacity to handle reasonable traffic levels.

Your NAS, if it was made in the last decade, will probably try to aggregate the connection in active-backup, but note that this won't give you 1Gb; you need SMB multichannel to do that, and that's a whole other can of worms.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I do not know what I need, I have a prestige x570 creation motherboard with onboard 10gbe so I don't know what is on there


I plan on hooking up the smart home hubs, the nas, my pc, printers and laptop and router/accesspoint to the network. I just do not know what I absolutly need. I don't think I need anything too large 

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You'd need something 'smart' for LACP support.


What budget are you looking at throwing at it?  Most are a couple hundo with 10g ports.  If you just had single gig interfaces everywhere you could roll those cheap $15 unmanaged ones.  Depends what you want to do.  PoE usually adds extra if you want to power APs and stuff.


Without PoE something like this should do what you want but it's also full rack mount sized.


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