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What’s this black dot on my galaxy s8

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey i just got a hand down s8 from my sibling I knew it had a cracked screen cuz she told me but when I got it there’s also this black dot what is it? It’s near the WiFi and cellular on top And will it spread? I’ve been using it for the past 2 days (going on three) and it hasn’t changed or gotten bigger. I’m planning on getting a screen protector 




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I know that on the s10 there is a white dot in the same place that blinks when making a call, apparently it is something to do with the proximity sensor. To me it looks too big to be a dead pixel.


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Are you sure it isn't just an icon on the phone?

Try going into airplane mode and check if it is still there.

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It's way too big to be a dead pixel. It just looks like it's part of the icon.


Also if you're fine with having tape holding the screen together this would seem like a rather minor problem...

...is there a question here? 🤔

sudo chmod -R 000 /*

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Posted · Original PosterOP

You guys are probably right it’s too big to be a dead pixel and It was already present when I got the phone in the set up screen when you first set up the phone and it doesn’t go away in videos.so if it’s not a dead pixel what is it ? and much appreciated for the replies guys! 

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