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An ugly yet speedy PC

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello there LTT Forums. VFX artist from Ubisoft, in need to Next-Genify PC, No idea what I'm doing. Every friend told me something different. Came here to ask a thousand people for a unified conclusion instead.


Oh dear.


1. Budget & Location.

Hovering around 3200 Euros -+ ((For the computer itself)), Bulgaria.


2. Aim.

Researching computer graphics at home; Houdini, Neural-Networks, 3d scanning, RTX ON, Minecraft.


3. Monitors.

I have 2 1080p ones now, but I want to spice it up a notch to one of those utlra wide curvy ones...Every time I see them I go, man; Future.

Also a VR headset. I need to look into that stuff too.

((I am not counting these towards the price I listed.))


4. Peripherals.

Considering that I'm using a keyboard so old it has a PS/2 connector, I will probably need a new one. I like the glory ones.

I am using Windows 7 now. I plan to upgrade to either Win 10, or Linux.

Possibly Linux. If I am gonna spend a lot of money on a fast computer, might as well also get Linux. I have a few friends who use Linux so I am set on the "People to ask dumb Linux questions." quality of life improvements.


5. But why though.

Well for starters; RTX ON, I can't take it anymore.

Essentially I want to buy a 2080 Ti and add a computer around it.

The last time I went down this rabbit hole was 6 years ago, after which I was so happy to be done with it that I haven't kept up to date with anything since, and I really should have. Trying to get back up to date on things has been one steep hill to climb.


My Current PC is a;

  • CPU             : Core i7-4790K ((Overclocked though the years))
  • CPU cooler  : NH-D9L
  • GPU            : 970 GTX          ((Overclocked though the years))
  • MOBO         : Fatal1ty Z87 Killer
  • RAM            : A rich assortment of various sticks that my system reports as totaling 32 gb They are mostly DDR3 too.
  • Storage       : 120Gb SSD Samsung                                 ((Bought without considering the read/write speeds))
  •                       2tb      HDD WesternDigital WD20EFRX     ((Bought without considering the read/write speeds))
  • PSU             : Fortron FSP700-50ARN 88+ 


I am curious of I can reuse anything. But also probably not, it's been running nearly 24/7 for the past 6 years. In fact, all of it has. Without fault. I am really happy about how it held up across the years. If it wasn't for Nvidia's RTX stuff, I probably wouldn't have started upgrading yet.


But since I am, let's go bat shit crazy with it. ((Within limits))


Here's where and what I am at now as far as my research and confusing friends go;


But I also have many questions.


  1.  Should I buy the Ryzen 9 3950X, OR, Keep my i-7 if it won't bottle neck the GPU that much, and save up for a Threadripper (( maybe 3990X?))
  2.  My motherboard needs are lots of fast storage and lots of ram ((I have listed only 32gb on the part picker page, but I plan to slowly buy more after I do this initial investment)), This branches into two questions.
  3. RDIMM or LRDIMM or UDIMM ?... I googled it, I read about it, and I still don't get it. RDIMM/LRDIMM are octachannel and that's good, but UDIMM is faster? Which one do I need on my motherboard for ram. ... And what Ram do I need too for that matter.
  4. Ram has speed. I didn't know that. What speed do I need?
  5. Speaking of storage, what are good suggestions? Half of my friends say PCI-e SSDs, others say M.2s and I am confused. What should I get?
  6. What about Intel Optanes? I watched the LTT video on it, but would my line of work benefit from something like that?
  7. Can I save money by opting out of nonsense? A lot of these motherboards have these crazy designs going on. I don't care about design. Hence the title. I want it fat, ugly and fast :P
  8.  Wait for the 30xx family of GPUs? There are rumors that we'll see Nvidia's next generation mid this year. Should I buy a 2080 -ti now, or hold off on that?  Can I buy a 2080 -ti now and sell it an hour before the 30xx is announced?
  9. I don't really care about a Case. I am using whatever a friend had in his basement that one time. But if you have any suggestions, I am open to said suggestions.
  10. I need to consider cooling more seriously this time. I need something that can keep this working good at full load even during our typical 32C(89.6F) Summers. This build struggles with that and I have every door and hatch on the case open. I also want it quiet. Or as quiet as possible. Also any thoughts on entirely putting the computer in another room for the best quiet possible?


That's it for now.


I want to make this post to start gathering conflicting opinions on here too. While though my current PC build kept me afloat all this time, there are a lot of little things I missed, like properly matching my ram speeds, getting a good speedy storage, little things that ended up eating me a lot of time in the end.

I want to use this new build for at least the next 5-6 years again, until the next "insert_word_here ON" thing shows up.


Well, thanks a lot for the time reading this, and thanks any time you might spent on writing a reply too. It is greatly appreciated.


PS: I will of course, as the tradition goes, "Deliver." once it's all said and done an the parts are at my doorstep.


Edit PS: Here's Louis CK saying "It's not enough fast enough." https://youtu.be/WrahQpIWD08?t=62 I always hear that in my head when thinking about this topic....

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