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need help overclocking

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Posted · Original PosterOP

 i recently bought an asus crosshair vii hero to pair with my 2700 alongside my 3000 mhz ram. ive been reading a few overclock guides but im still lost. usually when i overclock i just set the cpu ratio to 40.00 the vcore to 1.368 volts and leave the rest on auto. but since im gonna be using this system for a few years i wanna dial in my overclock right.

here is where im stuck. im not sure what voltage to use for this like SOC LOAD LINE CALIBRATION and such because i dont want to just leave my crap on auto. i use aida64 to stress test and have a 360mm aio for cooling

im aiming for either 4.1 ghz or 4.2 ghz just asking for a little help from people who either have overclocked on this motherboard or people who own the 2700 the last system i overclocked was my old i7 990x so im kinda outta the loop cant seem to find much info on what load line level to set

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