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AOC 24G2U5/BK 23.8 75hz IPS Gaming Monitor.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys,

I will try to make this as short as possible and will add a TLDR at the bottom as well.

I'm planning on buying this AOC monitor the “24G2U5/BK” 75hz IPS. and my question is regarding the accuracy of the white color on this monitor. I have a very sensitive eyes and can’t stare at a screen without equal RGB wave lengths aka “50R-50G-50B” and I bought a VA panel from BENQ and it had this yellowish tint on its white backgrounds like in windows explorer background browsing inside folders etc or opening a notepad , which made me unable to use the monitor, I then bought a Samsung TN panel and the problem was still there if not worse, so at this point am traumatized from all monitors as I’ve wasted money on two monitors I couldn’t use and decided when I save up the money to buy an IPS since its more color accurate than the other two technologies even though I’ve read that some IPS monitors can have this issue as well.

So my question is to the ones who bought/own this monitor, does it display the white color correctly and accurately when the RGB is set to equals numbers (50,50,50) ? especially inside normal windows explorer browsing folders etc or does it have any kind of yellow or weird off color tint to it especially with white backgrounds? I’m scared to buy the monitor as I don’t want to be disappointed again but I really want to upgrade from my old 1600/900 res samsung monitor which ironically displays white perfectly with equal RGB colors set. I’m still rocking a GTX 950 for a video card but planning to upgrade soon to an rtx 2060 if this info helps.

TLDR : I have sensitive eyes, can’t stare at a monitor with unequal RGB settings. Does this monitor display white color/backgrounds correctly with equal RGB (50,50,50) without weird Yellow tint / off white color?

Thanks in advance.

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